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Vice-President of Toro Construction Corp, Luis joined Toro Construction as the lead estimating manager and progressively worked his way to Vice President.

As Vice-President Luis’s primary role is routinely one of operations management; responsible for the development, design, operation, and improvement of the projects that create and deliver the firm's products and/or services. Luis consistently communicates the significance of customer service. His emphasis remains on the company’s safety mission statement and culture through all operations and systems so that it dictates employee’s actions. He also works with members of the safety staff to ensure their training needs are met for the company and project-specific requirements. Luis is charged with record keeping as it pertains to accidents, injuries, illnesses, and incidents to ensure proper procedures are put in place to correct any unsafe behavior or actions.


Luis Vazquez

Toro construction

As a hands-on leader, Luis plans, directs and oversees all company field operations, contributes to project logistics plans helps to organize and execute long-term and short-term plans and directives by implementing direction, vision, and leadership.


Luis has over 20 years of construction experience in public work, industrial, new development design built, federal work, and hospitals.

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